Music In America

I have written almost a page and a half of the assignment, and from my writing, you will know how I want the paper to be. First, please look at the guideline and description that I have attached (Music guideline). Then read what I wrote already and please fix all grammar and spelling mistakes. Then start writing more about the subject, continue writing five more pages over the one and a half page that I already have. Feel free to change some things of what I have already written ( to make it better). I have one page and half and you will write 5 more pages, it is attached (Music). So at end it will be about 7 or more with the sources. Also in the page and half I have highlighted in red ( Add sources) Here you need to add a sources. The paper has to have at least 5 sources. If you feel what I have highlighted in not important to add a source then feel free to take that off and add a source somewhere else. Please ask me any question if you have any. Please make the citation clear in the paper and please make sure its about 6 and half or 7 pages after you add on to what I have already written.

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