1. What is the purpose of Scudders Narrative? What is he trying to impress on his reader? What makes this essay more than a simple \”First day of school\” story?2. Why did the professor prevent Scudder from using a magnifying glass? What did professor Agassiz mean when he said \”a pencil is one of the best of eyes\”?3. What did Scudder find frustrating about Dr. Agassiz\’s teaching method?4. How effective was Professor Agassiz\’s nineteenth century teaching method? By directing a new student to \”look again, look again,\” did he accomplish more than if he had required Scudder to attend a two hour lecture on the importance of observation? Is close observation a discipline most of us lack? Can you consider detailed observation the first level of critical thinking?5. Review Scudder\’s narrative. How much scientific language does he use in relating his story? What does this say about his readers?

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