Needs Assessments and Goals

Needs assessment & Goals:

A discussion of methods for assessing the needs of clients attending the program at your internship agency using various sources of data- census data, focus groups, survey, files, anecdotal data etc.
A summary of the data from easily accessible sources

Goals and outcomes: a series of goals and outcomes to meet the needs of clients and fit the mission and purpose of the agency

How might the existing program goals/outcomes meet/fail to meet the identified needs of clients?

Best practices:

Identify and discuss a series of evidence-based practices that will meet the identified goals and outcomes.

Fit: How well will these evidence-based practices fit with the needs of clients and resources of the agency?

Implementation: Describe and illustrate a method for recording the consistent implementation of the intervention.

Organizational capacity- What challenges might the agency face in implementing evidence-based practice to meet client need?

(Maximum 6 pages)

*Currently I am doing my internship at an agency called, Family Intervention Services, Inc. in East Orange, NJ.

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