Nonprofit growth and trends in Saudi Arabia.

This paper is a nonprofit topic review. I chose the topic of Nonprofit growth and trends in Saudi Arabia. I see Saudi Arabia advancing in this nonprofit field. New development have been seen as well as trends especially in the newer generation for example Lujain el Ubaid of Tasamy. A lot of potential for more growth is there. The paper should reference a 5 web-linked sources. I chose the links below:

Philanthropy in Saudi Arabia—a new pattern emerging?

and one more reference you can choose.

The paper should introduce the topics, make some organized arguments supported by the selected literature, and make some references to nonprofit organizational practices.

Description of criterion
1.Citation Style
2. Conclusions
3.Critical analysis
4.In-text citations
5.Introduction – Overview
6. Length
7.Professional formatting
8. Relevance to Nonprofit
9. Resources
10. Develop nonprofit sector knowledge:
Demonstrate knowledge and understanding of the past, present, and future trends of the nonprofit sector across organizations, policies, and sectors in the U.S. and internationally.
11. Develop social sector values:
Demonstrate strategic, appreciative, and critical thinking to articulate and discern social sector values for the promotion of just, inclusive, prosperous, responsible, and sustainable communities.

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