Read the case study presented at the end of Chapter 17 (Guido, p. 362) Was the nurse negligent for unlocking the bath-room door and allowing Judy to shower by herself?
Was it below the standard of care for the nurse to leave the bathroom door unlocked when the psychiatrist came to see Judy?
How significant are the hospital policy and procedures in this instance?
How would you decide this case?

Read the case study presented at the end of Chapter 18 (Guido, p. 393) Was the nurse negligent in the advice she gave Mr. Gonzales concerning his condition?
Did the nurse exceed her scope of practice in the advice she gave the patient?
Should the nurse have instructed Mr. Gonzales to go immediately to the local emergency center?
How would you decide this case? Who, if anyone, is liable in this case?

Read the case study presented at the end of Chapter 20 (Guido, p. 439) What should the standards of care be for such a patient?
Even though the nursing care plan did not specify that the wound should be checked hourly, how should the prudent nurse have acted?
Should the lawsuit center primarily on the surgeon for allowing this patient to be sent back to the nursing home for post- operative care rather than insisting he be kept for 24 hours in an acute care facility post-operatively?
How would you decide this case?

Additional Case Study: (choose ONE)
Exercise 17-6 (Guido, p. 357) OR
Exercise 18-1 (Guido, p. 371) OR
Exercise 19-4 (Guido, p. 408) OR
Exercise 20-1 (Guido, p. 422)

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