Nursing coursework

1.Culture of safety – sounds so simple and exactly where we should be as nurses, but are we? How can data provide information to evaluate quality patient outcomes? Give an example of data that can reflect poor quality in care. How can quality improvement be a daily task in patient care? Why does continuous quality improvement need to be associated with change?

2.Explore the website for the Quality and Safety Education for Nurses (QSEN) initiative at How can these competencies for nurses be implemented into the workplace ?

3.After reviewing the Institute of Medicine (IOM) website (, describe the IOM report framework for healthcare quality. How can it be applied to nursing? How can it be applied to your actual work setting? ( I work in the child Psych setting).

4.Search the American Nurses Association (ANA) website for workplace safety ) and select a publication on workplace safety. Review the document (publication), include the URL, and discuss implications for you and your work setting. (I am a nurse working in child Psych.)

5.Go to Goals and review the website. What are the major issues related to the National Patient Safety Goals? Choose one area that applies to your practice or area of interest, and describe how EBP could help you meet the goals for patient safety.

6.Perform a web search and find information that allows you to discuss the following topic: What role does leadership play in improving care? How does this relate to nursing as a profession as well as to an individual nurse? How are nurses prepared to be leaders? How does the nurse utilize clinical judgment in providing patient-centered care?

7.Go to the ANA website and retrieve the following PDF article: What are some benefits of the new healthcare reform, the Affordable Care Act (ACA)? Why is it important to be aware of changes in healthcare policy?

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