Observing My Feelings

Keep a record of your feelings for a couple of days (Not necessarily consecutive days). You can do this by spending a few minutes each evening recalling what emotions you’ve felt during the day, who was involved, and what circumstances in which the emotion occurred. Or you can record this information during the day as you go along.

(Background): So I day trade stocks for a living and I also work for a firm to do so with their client’s money. I typically get bi-polar when I’m trading stocks. If I’m losing money I’m quite and reserved if I’m gaining money I’m more of a bit happy but not satisfied. I have a twin brother a mom and many friends in the investment world so you can base this paper off of this and make a few things up if you need to. I don’t really care. The professor doesn’t know me in depth to know if I’m the writer or not.

After collecting this data, answer the following questions:

1. What emotions did you experience most commonly? In what circumstance and with what people?
2. Both for these two days and in general, how do you recognized your emotions (physiological changes, nonverbal reactions, cognitive interpretation? Do you have any difficulty deciding what you are feeling?
3. How do you typically deal with your emotions (including and beyond the two recorded days)? What are the consequence (positive or negative) for you and others?
4. In what circumstances and with what people are you most likely to express your feelings verbally? To not express your feelings verbally? What factors influence your decision to share or not share your feelings? (Factor to consider includes the type of emotions, the person(s) involved, the situation (time, place), and the subject that the emotion involves).
5. How do others typically (including and beyond the two-recorded days respond to your expression of emotions?
6. Are there any ways in which you would like to change how you deal with your emotions? Explain?

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