Ordination report

Instruction & Requirements:
just revision would be fine for the paper that would be great thank you!

these question should be addressed in the report they are mostly written in the discussion and conclusion part of the paper.

revision for the whole paper, so this paper has lots of graphs but its not that long, i need more elaboration on the ecological process of secondary succession.

please read the questions before you read and revision the paper these are the instructions

Instructions for the Assignment

Use the data from the Dinnet transect to assess how species composition changes along this transect and to identify the main environmental drivers of this change. Your report should describe and interpret your results. You should answer the following questions:

Do you think your sampling intensity was sufficient to record all the species in the communities you sampled? Use Detrended Correspondence Analysis (DCA) to detect the main patterns of change in community composition in your data set. How do you interpret the results of your ordination? What different communities are present? How are they distributed along the transect and what are the differences in species composition are between them? How much variation in the species data set do the 1st and the 2nd DCA ordination axes contain? How did species richness and diversity differ between communities? Relate changes in community composition to the measured environmental variables using CCA. Which environmental variables increase with which species/samples/communities? Which environmental variables are most important in explaining the variation in species composition between the samples? How much of the variation in species composition is explained by the CCA? How do the results from the CCA differ from those from the DCA and why? Do the results from the ordinations (both DCA and CCA) confirm what you saw in the field? Did the ordination tell you anything that was not obvious in the field? What ecological processes might be underlying the changes detected by ordinations? What other environmental variables might it have been useful to collect, and why?

Assessment criteria

Successful ordinations General quality of the presentation including: presenting the relevant parts of the output in an accessible, concise and sensible way and proper Figures and Tables where appropriate. Interpreting the output Thoughtful answers to the questions above

You are not expected to write a literature review or to extensively consult other literature when writing this report. This report should describe the results of the data analysis and its interpretation. thank you

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