Organisational Behaviour

For an organisation that you know well (I prefer Oracle or Cisco), using the relevant concepts, theories and models introduced in the module, describe one person who could be called a leader (Larry Ellison for Oracle or John Chambers for Cisco) and analyse how effective this person’s leadership is and why it is effective.The assignment should:1. begin with a brief introduction outlining the aims and the structure of the assignment.2. provide an informative overview of the organisation, including the relevant characteristics such as industry, location, size, and age.3. identify the person who is a member of this organisation and, in your opinion, could be called a leader and explain what makes this person a leader.4. analyse whether this person’s leadership is effective and why it is effective, using appropriate theories/models of leadership (it might be advisable to focus on contingency theories of leadership).5. conclude with a summary of key points and implications, and it should be included from the total amount of the words.

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