Our community suffers grossly from the effect of poor hygiene.Explain


Our community suffers grossly from the effect of poor hygiene. The community has had some of the worst experiences because of the condition of health kept in the society. It is, however, important that the people of the community should realize the causes of the problems that come in their lives. Most people in this community have not realized that the strange diseases that some of them suffer from are as a result of the poor hygienic conditions that they are exposed to.
The role of the people in the pollution that has over a long time now become very dangerous is significant. It is true since most of them do not take into consideration the critical aspect of life, that deal with the environmental safety, that could cause some of the effects that they have seen over the past few years.
Following some statistical figures obtained from research programs carried out before, the area experiences particular different disease prevalence, which is linked very closely to ill health conditions. An example of diseases that has affected the people in this community over the last few years is cholera. At the beginning when the cause was unknown among most of the population in the community, they mistook the disease for any other unhealthy conditions that come, attack, and are cured. After medical research had been carried out in the area, the disease was found to result wholesomely from the dirty situations of the environment around the community.
The findings of the research, therefore, should make a clear communication of the possible causes of the disease, and hence the reveal the best remedy for the same illness. The condition of the environment is the only cause of cholera prevalence in the area. The entire community, therefore, bears the whole responsibility of the dirty situation of the surrounding of the environment in the community. Wrong waste disposal, consumption of unhealthy and unclean food, and poor hygienic conditions of life is among the causes of the disease prevalence.
There is no excuse for keeping or living in a dirty and unhealthy environment, whose dirt is entirely coming from within the society. Despite the poverty levels of the community, there are chances that the same community can keep a clean environment around them, and live safely. The initial action to correct the situation is a complete overhaul of the current environmental conditions, concerning the cleanliness, and a subsequent replacement of the situation by a cleaner environmental condition. This way, the cholera rates in the place must reduce significantly.
The disease comes from the dirt in the environment that provides an excellent condition for the lives of disease causative agents. Cleaning up the environment, therefore, helps maintain a climate unsuitable for the lives of the bacteria, hence, they are made extinct. Their extinction is a good move as far as healthy living is concerned since the disease prevalence lowers by a great scale. The claims that the people here are too poor to afford to keep their environment clean are wrong, and unproven. The environment can be clean and safe at whatever level of economic class.
There is a need to educate the people on the importance of cleanliness. They could then be helped to clean up the environment to mark a new start. After a healthy environment has been restored in the area, there needs to be established a set of legislative rules to guard the environment, which ultimately protects the people living in the community.

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