Paraphrasing, English

There are many key images that T.S. Eliot uses in \”The Love Song of Alfred Prufrock\” to portray moods and themes of the poem. One image that Eliot uses is thee \”patient etherised upon a table\” (line 3). I think that this image begins the poem by representing the theme of Prufrock feeling paralyzed and unable to move forward with what he wants to do. A patient under anesthesia is unable to move, much like how Prufrock feels. Another image used in the poem is the description of the sad, dreary city. The image of the city is described in the first stanza, \”through certain half-deserted streets, The muttering retreats\” (lines 4,5). This portrayal of the city sets the mood of the poem which is lonely and sad. A third image used in the poem can be found in the third stanza. When Eliot says, \”The yellow fog that rubs its back upon the window-panes\” (line 15), he is associating the fog with a cat. Throughout the stanza he continues to use language to describe the fog as one might describe the actions of a cat. This correlation is less obvious to a specific theme of mood in the poem, but it is known that T.S. Eliot was very fond of cats, so it is not surprising that he would include this allusion in his poem.

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