Paraphrasing, Environmental studies

Project description
I have prepared this presentation :
-Write 1000 words about the same topic of the presentation. (text used may add to more than 1000 words)
-Please paraphrase do not copy.
-Please use the same references used.

1.General Secretariat for Development Planning. (2009). Qatar National Vision 2030: Advancing Sustainable development.

2.Ministry of Environment. (2014). Qatar National Biodiversity strategy and action plan 2015-2025

3.Richer, R. A. (2014). Sustainable development in Qatar: Challenges and opportunities. QScience Connect, 2014(1), 22.

4.General Secretariat for Development Planning. (2011). Qatar National development strategy 2011-2015

5.Doha News. (2015). Opinion: Time is running out to save Qatar, region from global warming.


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