Pedee Plantation

Download the 2 files attached and PRINT out the associated materials (MASTER LIST of GOODS & PEDEE Documents).  Your task will be to establish a theme, in consultation with the instructor, so as to write an argumentative history of the plantation at Pedee.  You will analyze the primary source material in order to support you conclusions, we only need 5 documents from the Pedee plantation

Paper Details, or What Your Paper Should Include:  Your prose will consist of at least 5 paragraphs.
1.An Introduction – Context (Historical Consensus of Topic, Chronology); Thesis (including the build up of inquiry); Road Map of Supporting Paragraphs
2.Supporting Paragraphs (3) –  Debatable Topic Sentence (Mini-Thesis); Supporting Evidence (paraphrased & direct-quotes); Analysis; Statement of Significance.
3.Conclusion – Significance of Findings for the Present and Future.
4.In-text Chicago Style Citation