Perceived discrimination and self-rated health in Canada: an exploratory study Open Access

Library Research Assignment #2This library research assignment is worth 20 marks (5 marks each) or 10% of your final grade. Follow the instructions below:a. Use your own words to answer the questions below. That is, don’t quote or copy words from the original and use them as your answer. If you paraphrase, insert an in-text citation after the paraphrase, i.e. (Du Mont & Forte, 2016, p. 1). Each answer should contain at least 50 words. Don’t write your answer in point form. You will get a very low mark if your answers are short or underdeveloped.1. Go to the discussion section of Du Mont & Forte’s article. What are the findings or results?2. Can the evidence and/or findings be interpreted differently in Du Mont & Forte’s article? Did the authors exclude or miss anything?3. The authors use different types of evidence (statistics [quantitative] and films [qualitative]) to support their claims. Explain which type of evidence is more convincing to you.4. Write a response that addresses the following question:How is knowledge about systemic discrimination (e.g. ableism, racism, and sexism) useful for health and social service workers?Your response should include:a. A quotation or paraphrase of the research findingsb. A comment or an argument that can be supported by the quotation/paraphraseBelow are some ideas for signal phrases to introduce the quote or paraphrase:According to _______________________,…In their research study, _________________ concluded…___________________ found that…As illustrated by ________________________,…SO there are 4 questions here that need to be answered. Please do your best to give me a high-quality paper as this paper worth big marks.The one source is the article i sent you. Thats the only source i need.

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