Personal essay

A personal essay for 5 pages. I have written an outline. The essay talks about my experience about my first tennis match in high school.Finding My BravenessThe most unforgettable experience I’ve ever had is my first tennis match in high school. I learned the true meaning of braveness and teamwork which help me a lot in my later life. Looking behind I was a person who always give up things since I was afraid of failure, but this time I took my first step to embrace the challenge. Through the door braveness opened for me, I was led to more victories with the belief of teamwork. To me, that experience is not merely a victory in playing tennis, but a great chance to find my braveness which had lost for a long time.That was one year after I joined the tennis team. I had little hope of participating in the match for this year. However, I afraid of failure. But my coach told my that at least I should make a first step. Whether we would win or not, I wouldn’t regret it.I enjoyed our teamwork spirit. When we got on the school bus wearing matching uniforms, a strong feeling hit me that we were a solid team. Everyone would contribute to the success and conversely every single one’s success couldn’t make up the defeat of a team. So I was doing very well because of the pressure and motivation from the team.In the games, I learned a valuable lesson which is still fresh in my memory today.

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