Personal Monster – Suicide

Words: 125
Pages: 1
Subject: Essays

Introduction –
a.    Explain difference between mythical monster and monsters we face in real life.

i.    Body Paragraph #1- Identify the monster
a. Define *Suicide*
b. Facts about it (research)

ii.    Body Paragraph #2 – How is it and obstacle to me (details from my life)
a. Struggled with severe depression and suicidal thoughts
b. no one knew about it but many hinted
c. i would cut myself; the scars will always be there, a constant reminder of where I was and what I’ve been through

iii.    Body Paragraph #3 – Offer solutions to conquer
a. Educate your self with the signs of suicide.
b. Provide support and friendship for those who are struggling
c. Raise awareness for this

iv.    Conclusion – Sum up everything from beginning to end