Persuasive Email

Persuasive Email Assignment



Must have 1 reference for the letter


Your mission: Write A Persuasive Email

Persuade me(prof.) to change the format of final exam. (course: business communication)


mix of short answers & multiple choice



  • Why/Facts – research testing-methods online
  • Benefits – use research to create benefits

Appeal to me based on any or all of the following:

  • Reason
  • Emotion
  • Authority
  • Evidence
  • Don’t forget to follow the Basic Patterns for Persuasion Letters (Emails, Memos)
  • Use proper Email format
  • Edit your writing, grammar and spelling


Patterns for Persuasion

  • Get reader’s attention
    • Short, attention-getting paragraph
    • three sentences
  • Introduce idea (product/proposal) and persuade reader of its benefits
    • Build interest by showing how idea fills a need
    • Anticipate objections & address them
  • Indicate action required by reader
    • Link action to benefits




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