Playful and Serious Adventures in Academic Writing

Do I really understand Badley\’s main point of allowing more \”fun\” into academic writing? What does this mean to academic writing as a whole? Should academic writing stay formal? After all, we are academics and should have our own standards. But what should they be? And, can they change or should they change? Why should they? Would it damage the writer\’s credibility?

Should I try to write more playfully in my academic writing? What would it do to my writing for other professors? In my discipline? If I did write with more fun, how do I do it? Does Badley give me some clues or examples in his article? What are they? Should I attempt it in one of my other classes besides this writing class? What would happen? What do I think my other professors would do to my writing and my grade in their class? THE QUESTIONS NEED TO BE ANSWERED IN THE ESSAY

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