Please choose one of these following questions as a topic:- Is globalization challenging the concept of the nation state?- What are the relative advantages and disadvantages of presidential and parliamentary systems? Isone more “democratic” than the other? Use examples to illustrate your answer.- Do / will the social media fundamentally affect political regimes? Democratic and authoritarian?Essays engaging with fewer than five academic sources will receive an autonomic fail. N.b. lecture notes, tertiary sources (textbooks, references works, encyclopedias) and news media articles are not considered valid academic sources, although the latter may be used (if sparsely) for illustrative purposes. The essay must be written in response to one of the above questions. Students need to formulate a coherent and concrete answer to the question, which functions as the main argument of the essay. The 1,500-word count includes references, excludes bibliography. Bibliography and references must be Chicago style.Additional guidelines for the essay:• Beware to develop an argument, rather than to provide a summary of the literature. An argument isa motivated claim or conclusion, following from supporting premises. A convincing argument is logically consistent (the conclusion follows from the premises), explicates the different stages of your reasoning and motivates why the conclusions of the argument are compelling in light of a careful analysis and evaluation of the evidence presented within the essay.• Avoid description (e.g. extensive chronological narrative without explanation, reiteration of authorial views) and aim for analysis (explanation of how/why an event occurs; comparative/contrasting treatment of authorial views; highlight the argument supporting the claim, rather than reiterating the claim itself; specify (implicit) assumptions);

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