“Pope Francis’s Challenge to Global Capitalism” by John Cassidy.Discuss

Write a synthesis that will summarize, critique, and synthesize the readings. To write Synthesis use this 3 article
1- “Of the 1%, by the 1%, for the 1%” by Joseph Stiglitz.

2- “Pope Francis’s Challenge to Global Capitalism” by John Cassidy.

3- “Why the Poor Pay More” DeNeen L. Brown.

The focus of these articles will be on social class and poverty, offering various points of view on the issue.
How to write a synthesis Essay:
the synthesis essay should follow this guideline link and the pdf pages I uploaded to you, please remember the order should write in the synthesis essay style only.

Structuring the Essay: read carefully Chapter 11 (213-249) in Writings from Readings by Professor Without provides an in depth guide to writing the essay that I uploaded with this order.
The essay will require properly formatted citations for quotes and paraphrases as well as a works cited page. It means should use at least one or two important quoted from each article with citation.
Formatting the Essay:
Your synthesis should be 4-5 Pages) double spaced pages, A Readable Font, 12 point. Margins are one inch on all four sides.
The Essay should include all part of an essay (Introduction, theses, body, transition words, conclusion, quoting, citation and the form of syntheses style).
If anything is not clear please let me know.

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