PowerPoint Presentation Plain, Health sciences and medicine

The title for the PowerPoint Assignment is: \’The pathogenesis and differential diagnosis of bleeding disorders\’.

Guidance for the presentation is identical to before and is 15-20 slides (excluding title slide and reference lists) with an accompanying commentary in the notes pane of 3000 words (+/- 10%). I strongly suggest that you refer to the marking criteria.

For this assignment you need to include the following:
A brief overview of normal haemostasis.
Classification of bleeding disorders.
Cause/pathogenesis of bleeding disorders, including the more common ones encountered e.g. FVIII deficiency, vWD, DIC etc.
Primary screening investigations and more specific investigations used in the differential diagnosis e.g. clinical details/history, clotting screen, inhibitor screen, factor assay levels, platelet function tests, molecular investigations etc.
Pre-analytical issues.
Quality assurance.
Advantages/disadvantages/limitations of the tests, future trends, developments etc

The presentation should include:

1.A powerPoint presentation of approximately 15-20 slides (excluding title slide and reference lists).
2.An accompanying commentary in the notes pane of approximately 2700 words.

-Please make sure use new sources ( no more than 15 years)
–I provide example for structure (different subject)
— below there is assessment criteria , please try to achieve DISTICTION

If you accept my order , please send message consist the cost for commentary order (2700 words)
Instruction files

example2.pptx(3,01 MiB)
coursework_assessment_specificaiton_biol40462_2016_1_.doc(85,00 KiB)

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