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The multimedia presentation should be a Prezi PowerPoint, YouTube, Google Slides or similar presentation of the students research that will be turned in for grading and shared with classmates online. The presentation should give an overview of the students research in an engaging way. This part of the project allows students to share key points of the research with peers in a way that is fun and stimulates interest in the material. While students are encouraged to approach this part of the project in a less formal manner, information should still be paraphrased into the students own words and all sources should be properly cited, including graphics, videos, music, etc.

Please use these attachments to assist with this order. I had two previous orders dealing with this same topic and was hoping the writer that completed those orders is able to complete this order as well. Thank You.
Instruction files

hist_125_annotated_bib.doc(29,50 KiB)
hist_125_thesis_statement0.doc(26,00 KiB)
1516430_hist_125_annotated_bib.doc(29,50 KiB)

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