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Select an artifact from the Renaissance and explain how that artifact reflects Renaissance Humanism,Your chosen artifact must be from the period, 1300-1650.
Can not be MONA LISA< LAST SUPPER OR DAVID, The re-birth (re-discovery) of Classical ideas. The emphasis on the worth and dignity of the Human being. An emphasis on the individual and the potential for humans to achieve what they wish. An emphasis on beauty and pleasure. Classicism Value that deals with an interest in the classical period of Greece and Rome. Focuses on human potential/achievement; sees the human as the center of the world Individualism Value that focuses on the need to distinguish oneself from everyone else Skepticism Value that emphasizes a questioning attitude Generalism Idea that one should be a well-rounded individual or skilled in many different fields or interest Secularism Value seen in overall desire to focus on worldly desires rather than spiritual needs Your project must include a bibliography (a properly formatted list of resources used to research your project) You may use MLA, APA or Chicago Style for your bibliography. The Bibliogrpahy and any Title slide does not count toward your 10-15 slide requirement

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