PowerPoint Presentation with Speaker Notes, Nursing

Quality of Life and End of Life Care
Betty Jo is a 52-year-old diagnosed with ovarian cancer. She is widowed, no children with only her mother and father living in the area. She has received three rounds of chemotherapy and 15 radiation treatments. Tumors had shrunk by 50% and surgery was scheduled to remove her ovaries. Once removed exploratory laparaotomy was done to ensure no spread but additional tumors were found in 9 of 10 lymph nodes which were not resectable. Two days postoperative Betty Jo was told there was nothing further that could be done to remove the cancer. She made a Do Not Resuscitate order and was placed on palliative care until she could be discharged. Betty Jo spent an additional four days in house and was transported to hospice with oxygen. Betty Jo died five days after returning home. Discuss these areas listed for this topic using this scenario.
1.Issues Unique to Nursing
2.Ethical/Personal Beliefs of the Nurse
Note: This is a controversial topic. There are no right or wrong answers.

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