ppraising stress levels for home visited caregivers of patients with dementia

I need an abstract that is scientific. It must include PICO and Here is some direction on abstract writing:
For example, if I wanted to address medication non-adherence in people with newly diagnosed hypertension I would outline my abstract like this:
Problem (people with hypertension do not take their medicines as ordered)
Background (studies show only 50% of people fill their prescriptions, barriers to adherence, etc.)
Significance (poorly controlled hypertension leads to continued destruction of the kidneys and is a risk factor for MI);
Methods (Collect data from practice site, maybe phone call to pts after 2 weeks to see if rx was filled, or this section could be that the site has already established this as a problem and the method then is to review literature to identify tools and/or teaching methods that may impact adherence. For example the Circle of Caring, and then apply them to evaluate your outcome)
Findings (these are your outcomes, which you would not know now, but you should know what types of outcomes you will evaluate. For example, after a brief teaching intervention given to all people newly diagnosed with hypertension, when the 2 week call was made 80% reported they had filled their Rx).

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