Preble’s ARTFORM by Patrick Frank tenth edition

Part One:  a very rough draft of your Term Paper in an outline format, listing which areas you will write about in what order. This will be very important since many students forget to include all of the required information required in the Term Paper. This will also help you get full credit
Part Two: Find an artist and artwork from your textbook (Preble’s ARTFORM by Patrick Frank tenth edition).
Part Three: Look up your artist in an online art dictionary or encyclopedia and search his or her biography, such as ( or (
Part Three: Find the online Fine Art Museum or Gallery that has the artwork (with an online image that you can include with the Term Paper) and research the artwork. The artwork chosen for this assignment must be an artwork found in an online Fine Art Museum or Gallery such as; National Gallery of Art, Frick Collection, Geuddenheim Museum, Museum of Modern Art (MOMA), Whitney Museum of American Art, Philadelphia Museum of Art, Corcoran Gallery of Art, Hirshhorn Museum and Sculpture Garden, Smithsonian American Art Museum, Louvre Museum, Paris, Kyoto National National Museum, Guggenheim Bilbao Museum, just to name a few famous galleries.

This paper will be the culmination of your writing assignments and should include a full description of the artwork, a brief biography of the artist, and a comparison of like artworks from similar artists working in the same style and time period.  You should use the “art of seeing” handout for reference.

The structure of the paper should include a section on Subject, Content, and Form which discusses the visual elements and principles of design using as much vocabulary and examples from the artwork as possible.

Use the Art of Seeing handout (previous assign.) and follow the outline below:
A. Introduction. B. Biography of the artist. C. Location of artwork and research information from the museum.  D. Description (subject).  E. Analysis of form.
F. Interpretation (content).  Evaluation (Formal, Contextual and Expressive Theories). G. Conclusion. The conclusion should be an overview of the research experience; what sources were used, was it easy to find information via galleries/museums online resources? Why did you choose the artist or artwork?  Was the experience generally enjoyable? Explain why or why not.
You will be graded as outlined above (A. through G.) along with grammar and the use of proper English, and the required essay format.
The term paper should be typed and double spaced with no less that 1,500 words, and no more than 2,000 words (about 5-8 pages) and include an image of the artwork and a Works Cited page.  The paper needs to be completed in a MS Word Document and submitted through the Term Paper assignment module

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