Prepare a 3-5 page paper about the book/research paper you select regarding Organizational Communication.

Organizational Communication Term Project
You will prepare a 3-5 page paper about the book/research paper you select regarding Organizational Communication. Your paper and report should include the following information:
– A full citation of the book in APA style at the top of the page. (The list below is NOT in APA style). Example of APA style: Dobson, J. (19750. What wives wish their husbands knew about organizational communication. Wheaton, IL: Tyndale House.
– Two to three paragraphs that summarize what the book is about: for whom it’s written, what’s the basic purpose, etc.) Do not simply list the table of contents.
– A comparison of the book’s propositions to the theories/concepts of this class. Choose at least 3 theories/concepts that are relevant to the book and compare the conclusions of the theories with the book. (If you find less than 3 theories that are relevant, say so. You should make up for that by elaborating on theories/concepts that are.)
– Briefly suggest 5 guidelines you can conclude from the book on how to communicate effectively, based on the ideas of the author(s).
– Somewhere in the paper, you should briefly tell about the author. This could include the author’s background, qualifications, and/or perspective.
Be extremely cautious about plagiarism! Use direct quotes sparingly and cite page numbers according to APA style. (Don’t plagiarize the book’s cover, either.)
You should prepare a 5-10 minute presentation over your book review that should include a 1 page handout for each person in the class outlining the most important points of the book.

***The list below has been included for your convenience. However, you may decide on a different text as long as it relates to the field of Organizational Communication. Please have your book approved by the course instructor.
Conflict Management & Problem-Solving
Fisher, Roger, & Brown, Scott. (1988). Getting together: Building relationships as we negotiate. 201 pp.
Gilbert, Michael A. (1996). How to win an argument: Surefire strategies for getting your point across (2nd ed.).
186 pp. Philosophy/reasoning.
Stone, Douglas, Patton, Bruce, & Heen, Sheila. (1999). Difficult conversations: How to discuss what matters most. 234 pp. Business.
Strayhorn, Joseph M., Jr. (1977). Talking it out: A guide to effective communication and problem solving. 169
pp. Psychiatry. BF637 C45 S83
Tannen, Deborah. (1998). The argument culture: Moving from debate to dialogue. 290 pp. Language.
General Skills Improvement
Carnegie, Dale. (1936). How to win friends and influence people. 249 pp. Communication/business.
Covey, Stephen. (1989). The seven habits of highly effective people. 319 pp. Leadership. BF637 S8 C68.
Barbara, Dominick. (1971). How to make people listen to you. 170 pp. Psychoanalysis/speech. BF323 L5 B33.
Giblin, Les. (1956). How to have confidence & power in dealing with people. 164 pp. Human relations.
Glass, Lillian. (1991). Say it . . . right: How to talk in any social or business situation. 234 pp. Speech/Language.
Gordon, Thomas. (1977). Leader effectiveness training (L.E.T.): The no-lose way to release the productive
potential of people. 264 pp. Psychology. BF637 L4 G63 1977
King, Norman. (1987). The first five minutes: The successful opening moves in business, sales, & interviews. 167 pp. Business.
Koile, Earl. (1977). Listening as a way of becoming. 131 pp. Psychology. BF323 L5 K64.
Martinet, Jeanne. (1992). The art of mingling: Easy, fun, and proven techniques for mastering any room. 150 pp. Social.
McCormack, Mark H. (2000). Staying street smart in the internet age. 286 pp. Business.
McGinty, Sarah M. (2001). Power talk: Using language to build authority and influence. 185 pp. Linguistics.
McGraw, Phillip C. (1999). Life strategies: Doing what works, doing what matters. 304 pp. Psychology.
Nichols, Ralph G., & Stevens, Leonard A. (1957). Are you listening? 222 pp. Communication. BF321 N5
Parkinson, J. Robert. (1995). How to get people to do things your way. 189 pp. Communication. BF636 P27.
Swets, Paul. (1983). The art of talking so that people will listen: Getting through to family, friends, & business associates. 179 pp. Communication.
Zunin, Leonard. (1972). Contact: The first four minutes. 269 pp. Psychiatry. BF637 C45 Z86.
Nonverbal Behavior
Fast, Julius. (1970). Body language. 189 pp. Psychology (sort of).
Nierenberg, Gerald, & Calero, Henry. (1971). How to read a person like a book. 172 pp. Psychology.
Scheflen, Albert. (1972). Body language and social order: Communication as behavioral control. 203 pp. Psychiatry.

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