Presuppositions in Conversations

Please read Langton and West, “Scorekeeping In a Pornographic Language Game”, page 5 (Starting at Section II) to page 8 stopping after the second paragraph. (This will help you to understand the main thrust of the Lewis article, \”Scorekeeping in a Language Game\”.)In your paper please do these three things:Give an example of an utterance (such as “The present king of France is bald,” or “Even Jane can pass”).Explain what is explicitly said by the utterance and give two or three examples of things that are presupposed by the utterance.Using your example, explain why presuppositions are harder to challenge than assertions.You can probably complete these tasks this in less than one page.Further instructions:No quotes.No rhetorical questions.No dictionary definitions.Don’t use a thesaurus!Format:Double-spaced, 12 point font.½ to 1 page.Leave your names off of your papers!

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