Process need to improved is paper based medical records filling in clinics.

you will select a process that needs to be improved. Then, you will create a model of a current process that defines in detail the steps in the process as they are done today. to aid in the analysis of the problem. Then, you will create a model of the proposed new process, as it will be performed after an EHR system (IT solution) is implemented. To ensure you select a process that will be related to an EHR system implementation

1. First, you will provide a brief (approx. ½ page single-spaced) explanation of why this process can benefit from improvement using a technology solution.
2. Then you will model the process as it is currently performed at the UMUC Family Clinic; this is the AS IS Process.
3. Then you will model the way that you expect the new process to function after a technology solution (EHR System) is implemented and the process is improved; this is the TO BE Process. NOTE: We are NOT specifying the specific technology in the TO BE Process

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