Project Management in construction.Discuss

Writer should take the perspective of a Quantity Surveyor and is free to chose dissertation title, aims and objectives within the topic area of Project Management in construction

Clear statement of aims and objectives and setting of context. Evidence of wide and relevant reading. Appropriate and adequate information. Relevant and appropriate conclusions and, where applicable, recommendations
Valid approach to the subject / appropriate methodology. Effective analysis of information / data. Logical, consistent argument and use of supporting evidence
Appropriate format and structure. Correct Use of English (style, grammar, punctuation). Correct referencing throughout text plus comprehensive list of references
(Harvard style). Professional overall presentation
A logical, clear and coherent structure which marshals a wide range of evidence

Academic / professional journals you may like to use:
1.Building Magazine
2.RICS magazine
3.BCIS on line
4.RICS website
5.CIOB on line
6.Construction Best Practice Programme website
Added on 18.04.2016 10:17
Please find attached a template that will show instructions and guidance

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