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Writing Assignment 2 Psychology in Real Life Please read this paper instrustions and follow the instructions exactly as the paper said: This project will give you the opportunity to see how psychology is all around us. You will be asked to a) identify a topic from the lecture/text, b) accurately define/introduce the topic, and c) provide an example from your own life or the media. It is very important that in your definitions and examples, you are thorough and describe the example clearly. This assignment will allow you to see how psychology can be applied to real world situations. A 4-5 page write-up of this assignment is due on Dec 9. Here are the steps: 1. Find a recent article describing a real world issue/current event that involves at least psychological concept, topic, or theory covered in the course. Some of the sources you can use are the followings: New Yorker, NY Times, Time, or Newsweek. This should be relatively easy since most real world issues/current events involve a number of psychological concepts. Examples of real world issues/current events: homosexual marriage, the obesity epidemic, terrorism, prisoner abuse, treatments for depression, parenting techniques, reactions to natural disasters, etc. 2. Read the article and identify one psychological concept that is involved in the real world issue/current event. Examples of psychological concepts: biological drives, fear, obedience, culture, nature-nurture, attachment, stress and coping, etc. 3. Write a 4-5 page paper that addresses the following points: • Briefly summarize the real world issue/current event that is described in the newspaper of magazine article. • Clearly describe the psychological concept, topic, or theory that is involved in the real world issue/current event. Make sure to incorporate plenty of terms from your textbook to demonstrate that you understand it. • Describe how the psychological concept you described may relate to the real world issue/current event. (For example, what does the psychological concept/theory say about how the issue should be handled? Do they suggest how the issue can be prevented or promoted in the future? According to the concepts you learned, should there be any changes in programs, policies, laws, or regulations to prevent or promote the issue? How should people think, feel, or act to prevent or promote the issue in the future?) • Grammar, spelling, organization • Submit a copy of the first page of the popular press article describing the current issue.

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