Public Relations


This assessment will be based on the knowledge YOU obtain as a result of your practical housekeeping work experience.

You are required to write a critical reflection of your practical experience. This reflection is to highlight:

  1. A discussion on whether the housekeeping operations at your designated hotel were different or similar compared to what you have learnt in class. (It’s on the file named “The Similarities and Differences”)
  2. How efficient was the daily housekeeping operation for the organisation of guest room cleaning, public area cleaning and uniform and linen issue to all departments of the hotel.(Your choice)
  3. Evidence of the use of latest technology/innovations in either housekeeping operations or guestroom design.(The employees use their fingerprints to check in when they come to work, and check out when they leave by using the computer. Write more if possible)
  4. Two other forms of recent technology/innovation that could be used in either housekeeping operations or guestroom design.(Your choice)
  5. What were your expectations before and after your practical work experience? (Your choice)


  • 2000 words
  • Understanding of the complexity of the links between the topics and the hospitality industry;
  • Your report must contain current and relevant information sources relating to the above topics. This may include Hospitality personnel, product suppliers, newspapers, magazines, reference books, internet, trade showsand exhibitions, television shows etc;


Skills and knowledge required

  • Practical knowledge of daily housekeeping operations in 4/5 Star hotel.
  • Ability to determine the similarities and differences between what the student has learnt in a practical setting and in the classroom.
  • Analyse the efficiency of housekeeping operation.
  • Knowledge of the latest innovations/technology available for Housekeeping Managers to incorporate into daily operations and or room design.
  • Critically reflect on their practical experience.



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