PV systems the natural Alternative to supply housing charities in Saudi Arabia.

Project Statement

Proposed Research Title
PV systems the natural Alternative to supply housing charities in Saudi Arabia

Student Researcher

Project Statement
Some points, the main aims and objectives as follow:

1-the project will include a case study to prove if Solar Photovoltaic (PV) Panels effective to using as an energy alternative to supply the charity housing in Saudi Arabia.

2- The study will take place on charity housing for low-income families in Saudi Arabia which consist of 30-50 house.

3-study if the geographic location for Saudi Arabia give it an advantage.

5-the study will focus on charity housing in Haql city in the north west of Saudi Arabia.

4-study the opportunities and challenges of solar energy in this part of Saudi Arabia.

6-What is the Environmental Impacts we will obtain if we use Solar Power as an alternative for the energy.

The justification for choosing this Topic are follow:

1- Saudi Arabia has one of the highest direct normal irradiation (DNI) resources in the world. However, Saudi Arabia’s climate conditions such as high temperatures and dust will create many challenges and opportunities.
2-The continued rise of electricity demand in Saudi Arabia.
3- Using solar power will reduce the environmental pollution which has a negatively impacts human health and the environment

Supporting Literature/References

• Environmental benefits of energy efficiency and renewable energy in Saudi Arabia’s electric sector: Othman Alnatheer
• Solar Energy: Technologies and Project Delivery for Buildings: Andy Walker
• Solar radiation over Saudi Arabia and comparisons with empirical models: Shafiqur Rehman
• S. Alawaji Evaluation of Solar Energy Research and its Applications in Saudi Arabia—20 Years of Experience, Renewable and Sustainable Energy Reviews, 2001

Supporting Contact 1. Saudi Electricity Company
2. Ministry of Municipal and Rural Affairs in Saudi Arabia

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