Quality of analysis, argumentation and critical evaluation.

Essays (BA/Level 6): This module is assessed by one essay of around 3,000 words (3200 maximum). It must be written in response to one of the set questions listed below, except with permission from the module convenor. For details concerning submission of the essay, including deadlines, see the BA Handbook.
Prior to this assessed essay, you may also write up to two essays during the course, taken from the titles below, and receive feedback on them from your seminar leader. These can be useful practice for your eventual assessed essay. You should submit the first such essay by the first seminar after reading week, and the second by one week after the last seminar of term. Notes: 1) You are always welcome to submit an essay earlier than these dates; 2) the seminar leader should not be expected to comment on the same essay more than once.
topic is :4) To what extent does the public morality of professionals depend on their private morality?

Essential Reading:
– F. B. Bird and J. A. Waters, The Moral Muteness of Managers, California Management Review, vol. 32 (no. 1), pp. 73-88. 1989.
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Work to be assessed towards an award should be assessed using the following criteria (not in order of importance):
Relevance of answer to question set.
Coverage of answer: appropriate range of facts, ideas and sources.
Accuracy of information.
Structure and organization of argument.
Quality of analysis, argumentation and critical evaluation.
Quality of expression and presentation.
Display of capacity for independent thought.
These criteria are used to categorize answers to exam questions and essays into the following classes.
019%Fail Totally inadequate answer in all areas, displaying scant evidence of understanding or knowledge.
2029%Fail Inadequate answer in all areas, displaying very little knowledge or understanding.
3039%Potential Compensated Fail The answer is only slightly below the pass standard and the examiners believe that the wider consequences of a fail need to be further examined.
4049%Third An answer that meets the minimum criteria to pass, showing some awareness of issues raised by the question and knowledge of relevant material, but with weak performance on most of the criteria.
5059%Lower Second A satisfactory answer, competent in some of the criteria but weak in others.
6069%Upper Second A good answer. Very competent in some areas, or showing moderate competence in some and excellence in others.
7079%First class An excellent answer in all or nearly all areas; showing a high degree of competence where excellence is not achieved.
80%+ First Class An outstanding answer in all or virtually all areas, of a caliber beyond what is normally expected at undergraduate level.

The mark for an exam paper should normally be the average of the marks for each of the questions.
Examiners are encouraged not to confine first class marks to the very low 70sto appreciate that, for example, an essay or exam paper that is clearly first class might well deserve a mark of 75 or more.

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