Reaction paper

The book is called the The 7 Habits of Highly Effective People
by Stephen R. Covey

Design and evaluation in human resource development and training is the course that I am taking.

in the book 7 habits of highly effective people pages (p.46 – 62) is where material is drawn from.

If the writer does not have access to the book the terms that must be understood are the
following terms: Habit, The Maturity Continuum, Effectiveness, (P) Production, (PC)Production Capacity, Organizational PC, and Paradigm Shift.

The writer must research these terms to get a understanding of the meaning in the context of the book 7 habits of Highly effective people.

the Written assignment must be a reaction paper of approximately500 words evaluating the information

gleaned from your readings and determine if these paradigms could be applicable for

your organization.

Demonstrate in your analysis your comprehension of the following

terms; habit, knowledge, skill, desire, and happiness. Explain how the Maturity

Continuum fosters interdependence over independence and dependence. Describe how

the balancing of bothP (production) and PC (production capacity)can increase

effectiveness in the workplace.

The writer should know that I am a substitute teacher so the writer must be familiar with the profess and incorporate an analysis of my organizations with respect to the assignment. The writer can research the teaching environment in public elementary schools in urban areas where I teach and incorporate it into the paper.

Please follow the guidelines of the paper and incorporate 1 source to support the paper.

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