Reaction paper on one paragraph of Habermas (1991) The structural Transformation of the Public Sphere 4.Reaction Papers

Project description
Reaction paper on one paragraph of Habermas (1991) The structural Transformation of the Public Sphere
4.Reaction Papers
12 pages long (Font: Times New Roman, size 12; spacing 1,5). The aim of these reaction papers is to help you to critically engage with the readings and develop your academic writing skills. Reaction paper should focus on one text assigned for the class.

Reaction paper should contain following features:

Choose a sentence or short paragraph from the text that you find interesting/problematic/unclear.
Offer a short summary (one paragraph) of the text as a whole and explain how this quotation fits into the overall argument/aim of the text.
Explain why you found this quotation interesting/problematic/unclear. Then use this explanation to raise a further question(s) about the text.

Grading of reaction papers

All the reaction papers are given feedback based on, especially, your ability to contextualize each text in proper manner and the clearness and coherence of your own argument (explanation of why you found something interesting/problematic/unclear on the text and how you explain, possibly with the help of other texts, why you find this interesting/problematic). All reaction papers are graded but only three best grades are taken into consideration for the final grade.

A good grade on the reaction paper requires that student shows their ability to structure a coherent reaction paper, which includes proper citing and summarizing of the text(s), personal connection with the text and ability to explain/support this personal question/position.

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