Read and analyze the article;Globalization of Markets by Theodore Levitt.

Article: The Globalization of Markets by Theodore Levitt

To conduct an academic Critics review on the article. No country must be cited since it is an academic review. A good quality research work (Freeberg, 2014) will require:

1. Evidence of wide & relevant (and correctly, cited and referenced) reading, research, and application of theories to the answers
2. Presentation of a balanced and well-considered argument;
3. Originality; Knowledge and understanding of key concepts; Analysis and level of argument,
4. Good use of appropriate frameworks, theory or models;
5. Questions outlined above are answered clearly and precisely with detail and/or examples to support each point appropriately
6. The main issue and purpose are clearly stated
7. A clear connection between the information used and the author’s main issue is drawn. The author’s use of information is made clear
8. The concepts being used are made clear
9. The implications actually follow from the conclusions, or any fallacies in the author’s reasoning about the implications are clearly described
10. The point of view and the author’s assumptions are clearly stated. The assumptions described are all inclusive. In other words, the student writer has clearly and completely stated all the assumptions on which the author has based his reasoning.
11. The importance of the issue is clearly stated and well thought through, and supported with implications, which accurately follow from conclusions.
12. Problems regarding the author’s reasoning are clearly and accurately stated. All potential problems with the author’s reasoning are included
13. Opposing points of view are accurately included
14. A logical conclusion fitting the arguments presented and,
15. Demonstration of a clear and concise writing style.

Guidelines for critical review

Your review should include a summary of the following:
1. The main issue or problem the author is focusing on in this article
2. The main purpose of the article
3. The information being used by the author and its relationship to the main issue 4. The conclusion(s) being drawn by the author
5. The implications of the conclusion(s)
6. The main concepts being used in the article which relate to the main issue
7. The point of view of the author
8. The author’s assumptions
Once you have clearly established the author’s logic as detailed in one through eight above, add the following to your paper:
9. Discuss the significance of the issue, which is the focus of the article. Why is it important? On what do you base your assertions regarding its significance?
10. What potential problems do you see in the author’s reasoning? What potential problems are there with the author’s use of information? Does the information used appear relevant, significant, valid, and sufficient for the conclusions being drawn? Do you have enough information to determine whether the information is relevant, significant, and valid?
11. What point of view is ignored by this author, or has not been considered in dealing with the issue

Critics review paper submission format

1. Introduction
2. Table of content
3. Content (you are free to structure it but use appropriate heading and subheading.)
4. Conclusion
5. Reference List

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