Read Instructions

For the Final Project, you will be conducting qualitative content analysis using case study research methods. To prepare for this assignment, you should review this weeks learning resources related to both case study research and qualitative content analysis.

After reviewing the learning resources, review the following data and consider the provided research question:


Case Study details (including observations noted)
Interview transrpt
Audio media
Research Question:

How does a history of rape in young adulthood affect the experience of a woman during a divorce?

Final Project:

You will carry out a qualitative content analysis of the data provided and report findings.

Include the following components in your report:

Introduction to the case
Literature review that addresses the problem evident in the case and research question
Methods section that addresses your use of qualitative content analysis in case study research in this assignment
Results of content analysis
Discussion of findings and their implication; include a discussion on ethical considerations in qualitative research specific to this case

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