Reading and Analysis of Cultural Texts

1- In an introduction:

– You will briefly give information about the author (if we know who wrote the tale)
– You will give a short summary of the story
– You will announce your outline (the main themes you will develop in your presentation

2- Development

– You will analyze and detail pertinent aspects of the tale (following the order you announce in your introduction)meaning you will develop a few angles/themes developed in the story (for example the theme of gender, animals, magic, social satire, use of colors, adjectives, etc. depending of the story)
– You may want to point out the cultural subtext of the tale (which elements make this tale German? etc)

3- Conclusion
– You will summarize your main points, and at the end pose a question to invite the listeners to think about another possible interpretation, or suggest further thinking/development.

Reading : Rumpelstiltskin:

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