Reading and Analysis of Cultural Texts

Assignments To read
Ode to Mulan:
– Tikki Tikki Tembo: Change and Houyi the Archer:
– Lady Meng Jiang Wailed at the Great Wall:

reply to ALL the questions posted on the forum (10 pts) AND answer one of your classmates question
1- After reading the Ode to Mulan, give a portrait of Mulan
2- After reading the Ode to Mulan, mention one element that strike you/interest you/puzzle you, etc
3- After reading Li Chi Slays the Serpent give a portrait of the young woman
4- Overall, post comments on the readings for this week: anything that strike you? Interest you? Puzzle you? Etc Develop your comments, include examples, precise reference to the texts, etc (3 pts) 5- Post a question on the readings for this week that you are wondering about, or want to generate a discussion about (such as why do you think the women are strong figures, etc… ), 1pt

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