Real World Reflection

READ DESCRIPTION CAREFULLY AND BE SURE TO FOLLOW INSTRUCTIONS!!! Thank you Real World Reflection Grading Rubric The Real World Reflection is a chance for you to consider how the concepts, ideas, and theories that we learn in class are reflected outside of the classroom in various ways. While the reflection itself may be presented in a variety of ways, all reflections must include: • A statement of what is the topic that you are addressing from class (2.5 points) • What is the real world example that is a reflection of that topic (2.5 points) • The reflection—either a comparison, contrast, or a discussion of the topic in general (5 points) I understand that the reflection will be subjective, therefore I will not be grading the content of the reflection itself. What I am looking for is thoughtfulness, insight, and a demonstration that you have thought about your reflection. In my own experience, I have found that my reaction to topics that I learn about in a sterile classroom is completely different than when I confront the same topic outside of the classroom. Similarly, I have found that after learning about certain topics in a classroom has influenced my perceptions of those ideas outside of the classroom. This is a chance for you to engage in a similar exploration. For those who engage in a creative reflection, I still require that you have a brief statement about the topics, how the two are (dis)connected, and what is the inspiration behind the reflection. For those who engage in a more formal written reflection, I expect you to engage more in-depth reflection between the two topics but it should not be any longer than 1-2 pages. SAMPLE: This is a collection of three poems that was inspired by the three stories in the NPR radio program about interracial relationships.The first poem addresses the fear of the South of integration (or even worse) to the point irrational rumors made it into the newspapers in Southern states. The second poem is based off a story of a biracial man who is examining is parents failed marriage and his belief of why he’ll never marry a white woman. I found inspiration after he asked his white grandmother what race she saw him as and her response was white. I imagined that the black grandmother would say she saw him as black. The last poem is based on a student at Brown University who came from one of the worst high schools in Washington DC. He talked about how people in his neighborhood pushed him to strive to be the best, but now when he comes home the same people are pulling him home. It is my hope that this collection will make one think about interracial relationships. Real World Reflections: I strongly believe that the theories, concepts, and ideas that we discuss in our classroom are not contained to a specific space. Rather, these are things that we may address or perceive in our daily lives ranging from possible interactions with law enforcement to consuming popular culture representations of the criminal justice system. In order to make this connection, I want you to directly engage with the course material that we cover in class and how it may be reflected in your daily life. These reflections should be your thoughts on what we are learning in class and if these theories, concepts, and ideas match with what you confront in your daily life.As for what you utilize to represent your daily life, I am open to a multitude of examples including (but not limited to): political rallies, TV shows and movies, crime novels, songs, plays, newspaper articles, your own interactions with actors in the criminal justice system.Additionally, if there is something that you disagree with or want to react to in the course readings or in the class discussion, this would be a great outlet to provide another perspective to a topic covered in class. The actual reflection itself may be in whatever medium that you choose to express yourself (e.g. a poem, a painting, a short paper, a video). You will be graded on the presentation of (1) what is the concept, theory, or idea that you are reacting to; (2) the real life example of the in-class topic; and, (3) making some sort of comparison, contrast, or discussion between the two. You are required to do three (3) real world reflections throughout the semester, one per each third of the class. Each real world reflection for Part I, Part II, and Part III of the class must be turned in by the review day for that part of the class. This is also noted in your class schedule. This is the source you are to use for the Real World Reflection assignment

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