Reflection Piece: Character and Citizenship

essay format ( 4 paragraphs): this is for national junior honor society member application
Introductory sentence/s to your reflection
Paragraph1- your three character traits and supporting examples
Paragraph2- connection to how these traits will benefit others as a NJHS member. You may want to define what NJHS is for you
Concluding sentences/s where you present and explain your quote
it should be double spaced , in 12 point font , approx. 150-250 words about 1 to 1 1/2 pages double spaced
be creative
examples of character traits you possess: joyfulness, punctuality , kindness, loyalty, cheerfulness, honesty, thankfulness, patience , tolerance, cooperation , perseverance , generosity , fairness
I am a high honor roll student ,all the 4 quarters in my 7th grade I maintained an average of 99%, shows I am hardworking and dedicated ,
I play piano, violin , also played piano for the chamber orchestra during my 7th grade, I took it upon myself to go in for auditions and play my best to selected . shows that I can do it , again dedication/ leadership . I can you use some of my talents for fundraising
I did do community service , I went to Nursing home on the weekends for 2-3 hrs as often as I can in the last few mths ,
I helped the elderly , played some games with them , played violin for them , help in their activities .
I also play basketball , last yr I played for our school .
lastly I have to use a quote that I like ( from a famous person or not) words that I live by and emdodies character and citizenship in my opinion . this quote could represent what our chapter of the national junior honor society stands for in my eyes .
I am currently in middle school , 8 th grade
both character and citizenship must be reflected in the essay
thank you

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