Refutation / Confirmation

Refutation / Confirmation
Used to argue both sides of a question

1-Introduction of story
2-Blame the teller of the story
3-Give brief summary of the story
4- Attack story as being:
Obscure, uncertain
Incredible, improbable
Illogical, inconsistent
Inconvenient, unprofitable

1-Praise the teller of story
2- Give a summary of the story
3-Confirm the story as being:
Manifest, certain
Probable, credible
Logical, consistent
Proper, fitting
Convenient, profitable

The first paragraph should be a brief introduction about paper and what you are going to discuss, then the next paragraph should be a brief summary of the story. This is websites that have stories that are debatable, but you can use any sort of story that you want. It could be something that you’ve heard from your family or something that’s been in the media.

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