Relationship between accent interpretation and level of attraction.

Sexy, Sensible or Sociable?
This study was done to look at the relationship between accent interpretation and level of attraction. Participants were college students who were asked to listen to three variations of the same sentence in neutral, Northern and Southern accents. The participants were then asked to rate each voice on the Interpersonal Attraction Scale survey (1974) in terms of friendliness, physical attraction, and work ethic. We expect participants to rate each voice according to their own native accent. For instance, a participant with a neutral voice will give more positive and relate more to the neutral voice recording. However, a participant may find a voice foreign from their own to be sexier. Stereotypes may also lead the Southern voice to be judged as less educated and therefore less capable of completing work tasks. The Northern voice could also be viewed as more intimidating, leading to low scores in social skill rating, according to similar stereotypes.
Now using the 4 sources I will provide in the attachment an introduction has to be done for this research paper in APA style.

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