Research and Critical Analysis Paper

Part 2: The second part of your paper should critically deconstruct Part 1. Question everything. For example, your critical analysis could address any of the following: Why are these“symptoms” and/or behaviors considered a “disorder?” What purpose does diagnosis serve andwho does it serve? Critically analyze supposed causes of the disorder? What are the failings of current treatment approaches? Consider the methodological flaws in treatment studies. What are some of the barriers to treatment and problems associated with “treatment adherence,” “treatment compliance,” and “accessibility?” Your critique is not limited to these issues – these are just suggestions. You should incorporate references to scholars who have studied the issues you choose to address (at least 6 sources, 3 of which should be articles in peer-reviewed journals).Part 3: The third part of your paper should propose reforms to the current system of behavioral healthcare. What needs to be done to better assist those who suffer and seek help? Your proposals should address, but not be limited to, the social work profession. You should reference scholars whose ideas you support (at least 6 sources, 3 from peer-reviewed journals, and could include some of the same sources from Part 2). Finally, consider your personal role in the current behavioral health system: What are some realistic actions, no matter how small, you can take to help move things in a positive direction? How can you avoid simply being a “pawn” in thecurrent system? How are you going to truly help your clients without jeopardizing your career?

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