Research and prepare a 3-5 page report on an environmental campaign.

Each student will research and prepare a 3-5 page report on an environmental campaign. You will each choose a specific environmental campaign and analyze both the environmental perspective(s) that informs the campaign as well as the specific goals, targets, strategies and tactics, timelines, and alliances developed in the campaign. You will also reflect on the effectiveness of the campaign. Consider the target of the group’s campaign: is it the public, government, or a market player? Is the group employing traditional strategies like community organizing and public education or a relatively new strategy – and, if so, what’s creative about it? Is the campaign effective in achieving its goals? What successes and barriers did campaigners encounter? Do you have any recommendations? All written assignments will: (1) Be typed; (2) include name, course number, assignment name and date; (3) include a reference section/page; and (4) use APA-style formatting. You should double-space your papers, use 1” margins, and 12pt Times New Roman font. You should carefully check your papers for spelling and grammar. You should use sub-headings throughout the final paper. I am always willing to look over rough drafts and help you with your papers

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