Research in Security and Strategic Studies.

Course Name : Research in Security and Strategic Studies

We will have a mid-term exam and I have to prepare my assignment before the exam.

It’s the same structure for the previous case study and assessment.

This an information provided by the professor:

The exam should be on the following:
A topic of your own choice. “The topic for this time is ( Border Security )”
What we need to examine.

1.      Structure
2.      Methodology
3.      Terminology
4.      Analysis
5.      Positioning
6.      Arguments
7.      Statements
8.      Lessons Learned
9.      Proposals

Added Value: References.

We will be examining English, Style of writing, clarity of meaning in your paper, a clear and clean paper. Small sentences, comprehensive paragraphs.

1.      Good Security and Strategy Terminology should be used.

1- Update references 2015
2- Use 3 Academic journals and 1 official website.
3-Chicago Style Writing

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