Research introduction to the problem background to the organization and their online presence 20%.

Assignment brief
Social commerce is a way of utilizing social media platforms (twitter, Facebook, Instagram etc) to help promote your e-commerce site and to assist in the buying and selling of goods on the site. There are several activities in semester 2 which specifically concentration s-commerce.
Your task is to develop a plan for a social commerce strategy for an organization of your choice that interacts with its customers online.
You can suggest ways of improving the current way they interact with customers or recommend new ways of doing it. Or you could recommend a way to develop a social commerce presence if they do not currently have one.
We will be looking for the following in your plan,
1.Research introduction to the problem background to the organization and their online presence 20%
2.Application application of social commerce principles and frameworks using appropriate academic sources 20%
3.Proposal An S-commerce proposal with your proposed solution for the organization including ideas for its implementation 30%
4.Critique A balanced evaluation of the benefits and risks of your proposal identifying any possible limitations to its implementation 20%
5.Use of academic sources to substantiate your proposals using Harvard referencing 10%

In order to complete this assignment you will need to source models for a social commerce platform, such as Huang &Benyoucef (2012), and apply it to your proposal. You should comment on what you will and will not use from your chosen models and comment on the reasons for your decisions. You should discuss what the proposed socialcommerce framework will look like and how it will benefit the organisation.

You do not need to obtain inside information or access to an organisation in order to complete this assignment as no primary research is needed. You can base it on information that is already in the public domain.
There will be a copy of a previous completed assignment available to you to look at as a guide under previous sample assignment. There will also also a copy of the marking grid for this assignment on student central.

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