research method

Developing a research strategy will be a critical factor for the success of your research project. To help your client fully understand what the research strategy is, prepare a report that addresses the following topics – which are all part of the strategy:
1. Discuss how research topics are selected.
2. Discuss the importance of the purpose statement.
3. Explain how the research questions and hypothesis are developed.
These should be succinct, yet as detailed as possible.
4. Discuss the null and alternative hypothesis and how they support the research effort.
5. Discuss how the research effort will be measured and analyzed.
6. Include a discussion of the various research report formats and the documentation that will be needed for each of the research methods. (Qualitative, Quantitative, Mixed, Action)
7. Explain how to conduct a literature review to support the research effort. Discuss how to develop an annotated bibliography and how it can be applied to effectively support the research effort.
8. Explain the importance ethical and legal responsibilities in the research project. You have an ethical and legal responsibility to your client to ensure that your research methodology and final report will be of the highest ethical standards.

Your report should be 2000 words, excluding references and title page

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