Research Methods/Scholarly Activity

Most problem companies face are due to lack of information; with complete and accurate information, the problems could be solved. Using the CSU Online Library, explore the topic of how research is conducted in organizations to address problems or issues. Then, select a company that is of interest to you, and respond to the following questions/topics:1. Briefly describe your company. Identify potential problems or issues (current or future) that your company might address with a research study.2. What indicators are prevalent demonstrating that the company is effectively (or ineffectively) using research studies within the organization?3. How might the company use secondary research? How might they use primary research?4. What might this company do in the future to expand its research? Include your rationale.Your APA formatted response must be a minimum of 3 pages in length (not including the title page and the reference page) and must include an introduction, a thesis statement, and a clear discussion of the questions/topics above. Need to have at a minimum of 2 credible references.

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